The official campaign website to elect Marko Sukovic State Representative of Illinois' 59th district.

Our Home, Our Future, A fresh Voice for Illinois

Dear Friends,

I am putting myself forward as a Republican candidate for State Representative in Illinois’ 59th district. I reach this decision after lively discussions with my extraordinary family and friends, who have given me support and all of life’s blessings.  My name is Marko Sukovic, and I am asking you for your vote and the opportunity to breathe fresh air into Springfield as your representative.

Over the last six years, I have been given the great privilege to pursue my passion for civics and empower young people to step up and get involved in the political process. As Political Director for Congressman Dold, I’ve seen firsthand how dysfunction in Washington and a culture of complacency in Springfield have driven my peers in college and friends and family in the 59th District to leave Illinois.

As I worked my way through school, I’ve fought in some of the toughest battles to change the way we do things by changing the people we send to represent us. We’ve had our wins and we’ve had our setbacks, but we’ve always been able to hold our head up high and say that it was worth it. The fight for the future of our families and our next generation always is.

You should know that I’m someone who ascribes to the notion that today’s “new normal” is yesterday’s mediocre. Until now, I have been blessed with opportunities to serve as an advocate behind the scenes.  An opportunity has presented itself to become a direct advocate for change in my community. In such a moment, I believe that our campaign cannot wait. Too much is at stake to sit this one out.

In the next five months, with God’s grace, and with your help, we will be able to put together a campaign with a simple, but important, purpose: radical common sense. This is the idea that government should be making it easier, not harder, for Illinois families to find opportunity and realize their potential. By advocating for a legislative agenda that combines structural governmental reforms with a tax and regulatory environment conducive to growth, I’m confident that we can deliver the kind of change, we, the people of Illinois, deserve. 

I wanted to make sure you were among the first to know about my intentions. I humbly ask for your support, your advice, and your prayers as I set out on building this campaign.


Marko Sukovic